Wind Blast

When passing by or being passed by trucks and other large vehicles on the road, you must be aware of wind blast. A large amount of wind is pushed to the side of these vehicles at high speed, and it can potentially push your motorcycle from side to side or momentarily cause you to lose some stability. If you’re aware of the potential for windblast and anticipate it, you’ll reduce the potential for windlblast to create a dangerous situation.

I try to pass trucks or larger vehicles quickly and move to the far side of the lane to be as far away as possible form the truck. Just as I am about to go through potential windblast zones, I shift my weight a bit on the seat or lean towards the truck. That way, when I’m pushed the opposite way by the wind blast its already being corrected. 18 wheelers with large flat fronts tend to make the most blast at the front of the truck, but the wheels back on the trailer can also create it too. I’ve also found truck can sometimes produce turbulence in weird spots, so generally when passing a truck, no matter where you are in relation to it, mind the potential for wind and turbulence.

Other mitigating factors

Heavier Motorcycles tend to be less susceptible to wind blast. Additionally a lower center of gravity is also a mitigating factor and can help greatly. I find my BWM K75, which well over 500 lbs, but kind of tall, is very prone to being moved by wind blasts, while Harleys I’ve ridden in similar weight classes with lower seat height seem a lot less affected.

I have actually found that switching to radials tires on my motorcycles when possible, because of their larger contact patch with the road, will make your bike less susceptible to wind blast. The windblast issue with my K75 was greatly improved by this switch.