Pre-Ride Inspection

If you’re going on a longer trip or you haven’t been on the bike in a while, it’s a good idea to check things over on your motorcycle to make sure its up to spec. Tires lose air over time, sometimes things loosen over extended riding, rubber dries out and sometimes mice even eat electric wire insulation! All these things and more should be

If you own a chain drive motorcycle make sure the chain tension is up to spec (check the manual for proper spec). You basically push the chain up and down with your hand and measure how far they go.

Inspection items:

1) Check the tire pressure and condition, make sure there are no dry rot areas or cracks.

2) Check the brakes and cables and make sure the brake light functions properly.

3) Check the engine oil and make sure it’s at running level.

4) If your bike is water cooled checking the coolant level is a good idea.

5) Make sure the signals and the headlight work properly.

6) Look underneath the bike on the road/ground for any indication of leaks. Also check around the engine and transmission area, as well as the drive system for excessive dirt on the bike. Sticky black areas that attract dirt could be an indication of a fluid leak in that area.