No, we’re not talking about the delectable, but sometimes mystical and horrifying creature from the sea. A “squid” in the context of motorcycling is a pejorative term used to describe often younger, reckless and stupid motorcycle riders. I’d say a perfect example of Squid-like activity on a motorcycle would be doing wheelies in traffic with no shirt or helmet, only wearing blue jeans with a passenger on the back. Yes, there are people who have done this, consult youtube.

Squids tend to be overly aggressive and reckless in traffic. Squids tend to like to do wheelies and other acrobatics on their bikes, in unsafe circumstances. They tend wear very little protective gear or sometimes none at all. While you could be squidish on any bike, squids tend to gravitate towards sport bikes or supermotos, often opting for bikes with way more power than they have experience to wield. As you can imagine, this can often have tragic results.

Squid vs Hooligan

You may also hear the word Hooligan being thrown around to describe similar activities on a motorcycle. Some motorcycles like the KTM Duke or the Yamaha MT07 are often even referred to as “Hooligan bikes.” I would say there is a distinction. You can ride like a Hooligan, which I would characterize by quick acceleration, sharp turns, small wheelies on acceleration and rear end raises on sharp breaking, in a somewhat more responsible manor. These really aren’t advisable things to do on a motorcycle generally and I would strongly advise against it. However, doing it in a responsible location, with the right gear and right bike, and being smart about it is more what I would characterize as riding like a Hooligan.

Don’t be a Squid

Don’t be a squid. You’re not impressing anyone, especially other motorcyclists. You’re just being stupid and may end up being a Darwin award winner.